Tire Production

a. Mixing:

Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, white carbon black, and sulphur to be the raw materials, mixed with related accelerators, activators, and process aids in the internal mixer to produce high-performance compound rubber.


b. Extruding:

The extruder makes compound rubber into tread, apex, sidewall, and other semi-manufactures, which is one of the key processes to decide quality and cost.


c. Calendering:

Materials refer to steel cord, bead wire and compound rubber. Calender manufactured by IHI Corporation makes compound rubber into deformation and extension to produce sheet rubber and semi-manufacture of wire cord fabric, which makes steel cord coated by compound rubber evenly, and with stable size and smooth surface, guaranteeing the quality of tire carcass.


d. Cutting:

Semi-manufactures of calendering process are cut into certain angle and width by internationally advanced cutting machine from Germany, to insure stabilization of angle and size.


e. Tire bead winding:

Bead wire is extruded and winding, combined with apex.


f. Tire building:

This process assembles related semi-manufactures in a certain order and precision to produce green tires. Internationally advanced forming machines of VMI Group and Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. are used to guarantee the great quality of tires with excellent performance of driving, safety and service life.


g. Curing:

After building, tires are put into adjustable molds with different patterns to be vulcanized under certain pressure, timing and temperature, turning into finished tires at last.